whitelight studios. Hi-tech solutions, high-end quality. Just pure awesomeness!

White light studios is a large, modern and creative movie studio and photo studio located in an authentic old dairy factory at Tøyen in central Oslo. Our three professional studios are suitable for small and large photo- and film-session recording.

The studios are ready to use and can be rented as they are, but can also be customized to your specific needs..

We also have the ability to host launch parties, exhibitions or castings in the studios or at gallery MELK which is directly linked with both the studios.

If you want additional expertise, we have inhouse talented, english-speaking personnel who can assist you in your work.
KillYourImage has the best digital operators in the country and an optical cable directly from the studios to their retouching studio on the second floor. We also have a recording studio to be able to mix and record perfect sound for voice overs and dubbing.